Marty MaxWinter 2018-2019 Newsletter

To All MLC Properties and Management Tenants,

I Hope This Finds You and Your Families All Well,

As most of you know, I am a big fan of summer; sometimes I find Chicago winters very depressing.

On the bright side, this winter we welcome a new building in Evanston, another building in Rogers Park and a bunch of units in Little Village and around, WELCOME EVERYONE!

However, with the reality of winter comes some responsibilities we all need to take into consideration:

  • All tenants must have a current lease. If your lease is Not current, please notify the office ASAP.
  • • Please remove everything from all porches and balconies by NOVEMBER 18. There will be no exceptions to this. Ivy Park tenants, please make sure your decks have a clear path out from your back door. Also, please remember there is only so much we can do with ICY and SNOWY PORCHES. If you notice ice or unsafe conditions on the porches, PLEASE DON’T USE THEM!
  • With the exception of Ivy Park, River Trails and Holly Lane, all window A/C units must be removed NOW, please. Those of you who have individual furnaces, please make sure your filters are changed.
    If you don’t have a filter, please contact the office and we will get one for you. For those of you who have radiators, please check to make sure there are NO leaks. If you do see a leak, even a little one, please contact the office with a work order request. The heat is on so it would be good to check now and always keep an eye out. This is also a great time to change the batteries in your smoke and Co2 detectors. These winter months are when MOST fires happen! Protect your family and have a working smoke and CO2 detector.
  • recycleblueAs we tend to be home more in the winter, we all tend to have more Garbage. Please make sure that all garbage is put in the Cans/Dumpsters. As we want to be warm, so do the rodents. If they see food, they may also seek shelter. No garbage should be left out. All recycle garbage MUST be put in the recycle cans ONLY. We are fined if there is regular garbage in the recycle cans.
  • Also, being home necessitates being courteous and respectful to your neighbors. Please consider them when you have guests, listening to music, and play dates. Those of you who live in our pet friendly buildings, no matter how much snow or how cold it is, please pick up after your Pet. I have instructed my team NOT to pick up after your pet.
  • With the Chicago cold and wind those of you who live in our older buildings may want to line your windows with plastic. Your local hardware store and Home Depot have this item for sure.

permit parkingThose of you who have parking, MLC stickers must be displayed on your car. If there is no sticker, your car will be towed. We ask that when there is at least 2” of snow, you move your car by 8:00am so that your space could be cleaned. VERY IMPORTANT, with the holiday season approaching there will be more merchandise delivered to your buildings.

We STRONGLY suggest that you have your packages delivered to a place of employment, a UPS store or a family’s home. The theft of packages is a real problem and it will only escalate at holiday time.
Because of our heat expense, it is crucial that your rent be paid on time.

ALL rent is due on the 1st of the month and is considered late with a late charge after the 5th of the month. Most of you know how to use your portals to pay on line. However, we still will take payments over the phone, mailed to us, or paid personally to us at our office. Our maintenance staff will not accept your rent payment. They do not want to be responsible, as I am sure you can understand.
You can also use your portal to create a work order. Please remember, our team is here to serve you. If you have a problem with your apartment, we can’t help you if we are not told.
Flossmoor Tenants, we have some great new stores downstairs. All the stores are counting on your support. Let’s make sure Downtown Flossmoor is exciting and vibrant by supporting Custom Housekeeping, Country Financial (new) Village Cleaners, Coldwell Banker, Dunning’s Market (new), Express Yourself Salon, Noa Boutique (new) and The Bistro!!!

Lastly, we do not take any of you for granted. We appreciate everyone of you and are humbled that you have selected our properties for your home.

Wishing you and yours a Happy Holiday Season and a Wonderful 2019!

Marty and the entire MLC PROPERTIES and MANAGEMENT team.

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