To All MLC Properties and Management Tenants,

I hope you all had a magnificent summer and made some great memories with your loved ones.  On our side we made a big change and relocated our office after 10 years! The good thing is we are still in Rogers Park at our Fargo building (1335 W. Fargo)

As most of you have noticed the days are getting chillier and soon winter will arrive which means there are a few things we have to talk about.

To begin with, EVERYTHING, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! (Including bikes, plants, and chairs) has to be removed from porches/balconies (that goes for our Fargo tenants as well). Please understand this is for safety purposes. You will have until NOV.7th to remove everything! Anything there after Nov 7th will be discarded. 

Next, to officially say goodbye to the warm summer weather we ask that ALL A/C units are removed from the windows to prevent the crisp cold air from coming in. Tenants with forced HVAC please make sure to change the filter. If after removing A/C units you are still feeling a cold draft from your windows you may need to cover all your windows with plastic. The heat is now on. If you see any leaks from your radiators please call the office ASAP!!

 Now, smoke detectors; please make sure they are working properly and you have installed new batteries. This is very important for your safety and everyone around you.

In addition, we would like to remind you all that if the porches /stairs are covered in snow or ice please refrain from using them. Use the front of your building. With the weather getting so cold every living thing is looking for a nice warm home including rats/mice, so please do not leave any garbage outside your apt. Take all garbage directly into the dumpster. DO NOT put garbage next to or on top of dumpsters; also, do not throw garbage from your window/porches. Take EVERYTHING directly INTO garbage can. Chicago is having a serious rodent problem and we have to work together to prevent the problem from getting bigger! Please notify the office if you are throwing out a piece of furniture or mattress; as you know, we get charged for each piece of furniture and we are suspecting that people from other properties are throwing their furniture into our dumpsters, if you see this happening please report it to us as soon as possible.

And last but not least, we want to take the time to thank you all so much for choosing MLC Properties & Management. There are 77 communities and more than 100 neighborhoods but you chose us and for that we thank you and appreciate it, we hope each and every one of you  makes even more memories with your families in these upcoming holidays!

                         Marty and the staff at MLC Properties and Management 


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