Marty MaxWinter 2019 – 2020 Newsletter

To All MLC Properties and Management Tenants,

I hope this finds all of you well.

Winter is upon us and from the looks of it, it’s going to be a cold and snowy one. Let’s make sure we are all prepared:

  • Please make sure that all smoke detectors and CO2 detectors are working and you have installed new batteries. Please, this is very important.
  • All window A/C units should be out of your windows.
  • All porches and balconies must be cleared and empty; this is a city law as well as our rule. All items that are left on the porches or your balconies after December 15th will be disposed of; there will be NO exceptions.
  • dog poopOur team has been instructed NOT to pick up any dog poop. We understand that it’s cold, but your dogs poop is your responsibility.
  • Please do not leave garbage on the porches as we know that will attract outside critters that we all don’t want.
  • For those buildings that have outside parking we ask that your cars be removed by 8:00am so we can plow the lot.
  • The heat is on. Those of you who have radiators, please make sure there are no leaks. If you do see a leak please turn the radiator off and either email us a work order or call the office.
  • All bikes should be put in the basements. If you don’t know where, let us know and we will advise you.
  • As we always do, we try our hardest to clear the back porches of snow and ice, however, if the weather is so bad and the back porches are icy, please DO NOT use them.
  • Most all of you are using the tenant portal to pay, report a work order/problem and to see your account. If you are not using the portal and want to, call us and we will show you how. 

As you all know as of January 1,2020 recreational marijuana will be legal. What you also know is that all our buildings are non-smoking buildings (per the lease you signed). We have been relaxed on the smoking situation in the past, reacting only when we get a complaint. The non-smoking rule will also apply for marijuana smoking. Most all our buildings have children living in them and at this time we don’t feel the smell of marijuana is acceptable.

Let’s please be thoughtful of your neighbors with this subject as well as noise, etc..

happy holidaysLastly, we know there are many options for you on where to live. We want to thank you for choosing MLC PROPERTIES and MANAGEMENT. We realize that some of our buildings are old and some unexpected problems occur. We try very hard not to inconvenience you when we do have a problem but realize we do sometimes. We want to thank you for always understanding. We do not take you for granted and appreciate you continued support.

Have a fantastic holiday and a perfect 2020!

Marty and the entire MLC PROPERTIES and MANAGEMENT team.

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