Hello Everyone,

As I usually do, and I mean very sincerely, I hope this finds you and your family very well! This newsletter is for each of our properties.

We had a great summer, weather wise and I know you’ll agree with me, that we are all sorry to see it end. But, it is going to end, and we have to prepare for the cold months ahead. So how do we do that? The heat is on. If you see any leaks from anywhere in your apartment, please call the office. These are usually easy repairs if we catch them early.? All A/C’s must be taken out of the windows and any supports must be removed. The city is really on us as far as bricks, etc. - please bring them all inside. Also, everything must be removed from all porches and balconies. We will give you until November 1st. Please, do not make us throw away your belongings.

Also, bikes and Strollers cannot be left in the hallways. Sorry but that’s also from the city. Fargo tenants, your balconies must be completely clear and cleaned. Another city request. If you feel a draft in your unit, please put up plastic for better energy efficiency. Please check your smoke and Co2 detectors. It’s a good time to change the batteries. I am asking all of you to call the office if you hear a “beeping” smoke/Co2 in the hallways. Please, please don’t take the battery out. This is very dangerous to all of you in your building.

I am sure you have heard on the news that water has gone up 23%. That is a tremendous increase for us. We need to know if your toilet is running or your kitchen or bathroom faucets are leaking. Please call us if they are and we will repair them ASAP. It is our goal to always be the first to clear the walkways of snow after a snow fall.

To the tenants in our Flossmoor building, if you park in the outside parking lot, please move your car by 8:00am so we can clear the lot of snow. For whatever reason, we have been having several accidents where people have been over filling their sinks/bath tubs and causing considerably amount of damage to the neighbors below. I must remind all of you that if this happens, you will be charged for the damage you caused. I think we had three last week! A lot of angry people and what a mess. Don’t forget all laundry rooms are open and are there to be a service to you (sorry Pine).

All rents are due on the first and a late charge is charged after the 5th. If you have changed your contact info, please let us know so we could change our records.

We want to thank you for choosing our buildings as your home and if you need us for anything please don’t hesitate to contact Oralia at 773-262-7555 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Of course, if you need to speak with me, I am always available.

Flossmoor Tenants, Please support your Downtown stores!!!!!

Have a good Fall/Winter, ?Marty,?MLC PROPERTIES and MANAGEMENT

You can always reach us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ?773-262-7555. Our office hours are 10:30am -5:00pm Monday- Friday and 10:30am-3:00pm on Saturday. We are closed on Sunday.

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