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Marty Max

Mr. Max has been involved in real estate since 1997 and has participated in acquisitions, ownership and sales of multi-family apartment buildings, mixed use buildings, single family homes, and vacant land. He specializes in acquiring distressed multi-family properties, rehabbing them and either converting them to condominiums or keeping them as affordable apartments with caring and responsible tenants that become a positive influence in their community.

As owner/president of MLC Properties and Management, Inc., Mr. Max has acquired and rehabbed hundreds of distressed multi-family apartments to affordable condominiums by practically rebuilding the entire building. A normal conversion would entail extensive construction, including all new plumbing, electric, HVAC, drywall, floors, roofs, masonry, etc... By acting as General Contractor and utilizing his own staff, the construction work was done at a fraction of the cost that otherwise might have been. Under MLC Properties and Management, Inc., he owns and manages hundreds of apartment units throughout Chicago and its suburbs. MLC Properties and Management, Inc. maintains offices and/or staff on the North Side at the main office in Rogers Park, where he owns several buildings, as well as on the South Side and the West Side. The company also owns and/or manages buildings in the far south suburb of Flossmoor, the northern suburb Evanstan, as far west as Austin, and as far northwest as Albany Park.

Mr. Max was past President of the Rogers Park Builders Group for six years and past Vice President of the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance. He previously served on the advisory board to the Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Buildings, and is a past member of the 49th ward zoning committee. MLC Properties and Management, Inc. also maintains a licensed Real estate broker corporation. Mr. Max received a bachelors of arts degree and graduated from Northern Illinois University.

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