Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Newsletter

To All MLC Tenants,

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First let me first apologize for this communication being a little later than normal. With the weather being so nice I just didn’t want to admit winter is coming or here already. I am really hoping that this finds you and your family well. We are all trying to get back to some normalcy and when we think we are almost there, this thing called “Covid” comes back. Please, get vaccinated and live your lives!

If you have been a tenant of ours in the past, you know that we use this communication to make suggestions that would make the winter months a little more comfortable for you. Most of you live in older buildings and preparing ahead of time for the cold weather will allow you to enjoy the winter.

  • Please change your batteries in your Smoke and Co2 detectors. There are twice as many fires in the winter than the summer. DO NOT REMOVE THEM, PLEASE!
  • All A/C units should be taken out of your windows or at least covered that NO cold air gets into your apartment.
  • All porches and balconies must be completely cleared of your personal property. You will have until November 30th to do this. If not, we will remove for you.
  • Also, this is a good time remind all of you that we do our best to clear the ice and snow from the back porches but sometimes we just cant keep up. Please, when the porches are snowy and Icy, don’t use them. Use your front door.
  • I know some nights are cold, but please don’t leave your garbage on the back porches.
  • good neighbor clean up dogThose of you who are allowed dogs please pick up after your dog. You will be fined $250 if you don’t. For those buildings that have parking please remove your car by 8am on snow days.
  • The heat is on. Periodically please look at your radiators to make sure there are no leaks. Those of you who have furnaces please change your filters. We will bring you one if you don’t have one.
  • ALL our building are non-smoking buildings. That means NO SMOKING ANYTHING, PERIOD!
  • Holiday season is around the corner, you may want to forward your packages to a different location to limit your exposure of having your packages missing?

You’re all doing a great job in using the portal for your payments, work orders and messages. Keep up the good work. As you know, we will only take work orders from the portal.

Lastly, I am hoping that 2023 is a very good year for all of us. I am hoping that it is a year of niceness, being respectful of others, and less division among us all. I am not sure how we got here but it is time to go back to the basics, respect one another.

The MLC team respects all of you and appreciates you choosing our buildings to be your home. Be great today!

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Marty and the entire MLC team.

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